Friday, July 23, 2010

Oregon Adventures continued...

Lately, Jessica came and visited and we went to the beach. We also briefly went down to Utah for my cousins farewell. It was so brief in fact (one day, two nights) that we are going back next week to pick my brother up from EFY and visit with cousins more! Here are a few pictures from the beach and one of my growing belly. I don't have any Utah pictures, but will take some next week.

Jessica and Erik
The Beautiful Oregon Coast

Erik as a mer-man
....from the back

Ian is going out to surf and dad is going kayaking

The beach was awesome! I had not been since last summer when we came back for Jessica's wedding. I love the ocean.

Here is the belly picture:
This was taken today (19 week belly).

We are flying back to Virginia on August 3rd, so Tyler has just one week more of work. He will be gone all week in Astoria (mouth of the Columbia, on the coast). He has been having a lot of fun working on the white sturgeon project and this sort of experience should help him get into grad school....hopefully! I have an appointment when we get back on the 6th and we get to find out the gender!
Does anyone have any guesses of what we are having?


  1. you look so cute with your little pregnant belly! I think you guys will have a girl! And that's so cool what Tyler's doing! Drive safe coming back to the good ol' BV. :)

  2. You look so cute!!! I am way excited to meet the little one. We miss you guys a ton. June has been talking nonstop about Tyler and Elizabeth. It will be fun to see you guys again.

  3. ahh, I didn't realize you had posted again with a pregnant picture, until Cisco told me! You look so good! I hope you feel as good as you look. :) I think you're having a boy, but I guess we'll see soon.

  4. Congratulations Elizabeth! I think you'll have a girl. Seems to be the trend these days! And since your mom had two girls first. Cute little belly!