Monday, January 18, 2016

9 Months

Well, she was on New Year's Eve. She is almost 10 months at this point! 

Alice finally had a Doctor's appointment as we finally got all the insurance stuff figured out. She was 16.5 pounds (5-10th%) and 27 inches (20th%). 

 Alice is a very smiley girl, around people she is comfortable with at least. She was very serious at the doctors. 

 She loves to kiss and will do so upon request. Open mouth baby kisses are the sweetest. Cedric (her cousin), was here for a few weeks in December and she absolutely loved him and kissed him any chance she got! 

Alice giving Cedric kisses:

Alice still loves to eat and is not picky at all. She says, "Num!" now, which is very cute.

Here is another video of Elanor and Alice. Elanor loves to play with Alice, and Alice is so good at just doing whatever and not getting upset. She really loves Elanor.

These two videos are basically what Alice is like: affectionate and loving and patient and smiley. She does occasionally let you know when she is frustrated though, with a loud shriek.

Some notable moments that happened in her 9th month:
Met Santa and absolutely loved him.
Played with cousin Cedric a lot, met Uncle Ricky (had already met Aunt Jessie before).
Met her Aunt Allison for the first time!
Her 1st Christmas! She loved the wrapping paper and understood that fun things were wrapped up inside.
Got sick at some point, as per usual for her.
Crawling, crawling, crawling.

We love this sweet baby!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Weekly Photo (s)

I have pretty much been the worst blogger ever. I missed Elanor's birthday, all of the Christmas season, Alice's 9 month update (though I will still do that), and a bunch of Weekly Photos. Ugh. Life. I've been busy and living and enjoying life, so I suppose that is as good an excuse as I have. 

Should have been posted December 14th:
Happy 5th Birthday Elanor!
We celebrated with a Princess and the Frog party with friends, then out to eat for fish and chips with family, and then a Frozen themed party with Tyler's family!

Should have been posted December 21st:

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures ever...and it was taken on my phone (by my sister). 

Should have been posted December 28th:


The Nativity.

The girls with Mema and Papa on Christmas Day!

Should have been posted on January 4th:

 Zoo lights!

Should have been posted on January 11th:

 For January 18th:

 Elanor, Tyler and Alice have been sick all week. This was her at the beginning of the sickness. It has just gotten worse, so we are off to the doctor tomorrow. Poor little girl.