Monday, September 21, 2015

The Weekly Photo

Doesn't this just brighten your day?
{This was taken with my phone, as I guess I did not get my camera out last week. I need to do that more!}

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekly Photos

I am waaaaaaay behind on these. I like to do them, mostly to keep track of photos for my photo book and to encourage myself to take more pictures. So, I am back to doing these. Here is 2 months worth of weekly photos:

Should have been posted July 20th:

I did not take very many pictures this week and I remember that Alice was being difficult this day and just wanted to sleep with me and I was a bit tired and frustrated, but also I love to snuggle her. Motherhood feels like that often, it is hard and tiring and also rewarding, fun and full of love all at the same time.

Should have been posted on July 27th:
Elanor flying a kite down the street.
{I did not take any pictures this week! This is from Tyler's phone. Whoops.}

Should have been posted on August 3rd:

We did a family vacation since Ian got back from his mission. We tried to get a picture of all three grandchildren, but it did not quite work out. I still think this picture is pretty funny!

Should have been posted on August 10th:
 Harry Potter party!

Should have been posted on August 17th:

Said goodbye to Utah, our home of four years and our dear friends.

Should have been posted on August 24th:

We made it to Oregon!

Should have been posted on August 31st:

 Jessica and Cedric came to Oregon to be in and help with the play, "MacBeth" that my mom was directing. We had so much fun with them!

Should have been posted on September 7th:

 Alice's blessing day.

We all had parts in the play "MacBeth".  I was Lady MacDuff , Tyler was King Duncan, Jessica was the Porter/Doctor/Murderer, Ian was Angus/Siward and Elanor was Young MacDuff child/Apparition 2. It was fun to be in a play again, even if it was just a small part. Elanor loved it and had quite a few lines for someone her age and did awesome!

Should have been posted on September 14th:

 Beach day on Labor Day!

I'm all caught up and I will try not to let that happen again!

Monday, September 14, 2015

5 Months

I keep getting behind on these! Between moving and doing a play and being a mom, it has been hard to find time. I will post a month and a half's worth of weekly photos as well and get back to doing that. But enough about that, lets talk about Alice.

She was 5 months on August 31st.
 Alice is a smiley, happy baby--for me. She is not great (i.e. screams) for other people. She really loves me, which is really nice and sweet, but I feel bad for other people who want to hold her. She can be fine with other people sometimes and she will really surprise me, but other times she screams with fury. Her scream is really something to behold and quite impressive. She does loves her Daddy and Elanor and gets more comfortable with other people over time. My mom says my sister was similar and they could not leave her with anybody!

She is getting a bit better at sleeping. She sleeps a lot longer at night now, though still not all the way through. Naps are often still a challenge, but sometimes she'll surprise me and sleep extra long. 

She has gotten really into grabbing things! Alice will grab anything within reach. She can put things in her mouth as well, rolls both ways, is almost sitting up (can sit for about 10 seconds unassisted), can lift her body up quite high on her stomach and she tries to scoot forward.

Alice has decided she loves baths now! She is a spastic little kicker and has provided much entertainment.

 We have started feeding her some solid foods. She likes everything we have tried so far. We often just give her little bites off of our plates, but she likes rice cereal and apple sauce too.

Alice loves:
to watch Elanor dance
chew on anything
to nurse
her "Moo, Baa, La, La La" book
to be with me all the time
play on the floor with toys
and she really liked squash.