Tuesday, December 15, 2015

8 Months!...two weeks late

I know I need to do a Weekly Photo, and it was Elanor's birthday last week, but Alice turned 8 months at the end of November and I need to update before she's 9 months old!

{Phone picture, sent to Tyler at work, as he misses us when he is gone.}

I love this sweet, smiley baby so much and I am so glad she joined our family. I also love the baby stage and am so enjoying our baby each day.

This is a pretty horrible, early morning picture, but I love it! It shows how Alice is so sweet and loving. She loves to hug, cuddle and can kiss upon occasion. She loves to reach up and touch my face.
 Alice giving me a kiss. 

When I think of Alice, I think bright. She a little light of a person and brings so much joy through her huge smile and sometimes very loud sounds. She absolutely loves music and seems to already have good rhythm and taps her hand to the beat or moves her body to the beat. She is always right on with the music and I am thinking it will be something that she will always love.

Alice seems to be generally a little less social and not as talkative as Elanor was at this age (and still is), but is also sometimes very loud and does enjoy the company of other babies or children. She is also getting so much better with the whole stranger or even going to people she knows thing. She will often smile at strangers and lets people hold her quite often. She often still looks at me to make sure I or Tyler are there. Speaking of Tyler, she lights up so much when he gets home!  

Two weeks ago, Alice was just starting to army crawl around and could get places. She is even better now and gets up on her knees all the time and has taken a few knees and hands "steps".  She often will get frustrated with herself, but is very determined to get where she wants to go.

Alice also loves to eat and will eat anything. Smoked blue cheese, yep. A scone, of course. Soup broth, definitely. Brussel sprouts, she gobbled them up. She LOVES food. Alice has also got the pincher grasp down and can feed herself really well. 
 Alice still loves Elanor so much and Elanor loves her. I hope despite the age gap that they become the best of friends.
Oh, and she loves putting pretty much anything in her mouth and she is simply wonderful.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Weekly Photo

Little ice baby.


We went up to Spokane to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandpa and step-Grandma Vonnie. It was so much fun and I am glad we were able to go, as Elanor had not been to Spokane before and it had been at least six years since I was up there. I do not get to see all of my extended family very often, so it is means a lot to be able to see some of them!
There was some snow in Spokane!
Uncle Ian spent some time teaching Elanor how to "snowboard".

We helped Grandpa and Vonnie decorate their Christmas tree and tried to take some family pictures.
Ian is such a good uncle.

I love this one of Elanor and her Great Grandpa Roger.


 I love this picture so much, but why am I blurry?!?!

 Four generations.

 Grandpa and Vonnie with the girls.
(it is hard to get pictures where everyone is looking as there were multiple cameras going off)

On Saturday, we took Elanor on a mini Spokane tour.  First stop was the carousel in Riverfront Park (the very best one--it is beautiful and unique, moves quite fast, and you have to try and grab these rings as you go around--it makes sense, just go to Spokane sometime.)

How cute is this?!

My Uncle Scott, with the girls and his soon-to-be step daughter Marley.

I have a pretty mom!

Elanor and Marley got along so well and were fast friends in a matter of minutes.

We also stopped at the giant tree at the mall, walked around the very fancy and very cool Davenport Hotel and met my cousins, Marlana and Andrew there for desserts. If you ever happen to be in Spokane, go to the Davenport and explore. The ballrooms are beautiful, the main lobby area stunning, and the bathrooms are quite fancy.

 I am so glad we were able to travel up to Spokane. It is wonderful to see everyone and there are so many more family members we need to visit now that we live a little closer. I love spending time with family and hearing stories. It really is so important and our time here is short.

And to close, here is little Alice asleep on the car ride back home. 

And I stayed up way too late writing this.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Weekly Photo

I have just been the worst at this lately!

Here is last Monday's (Nov 30th):

Elanor and Great Grandpa Roger