Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few more pictures from Oregon

I unfortunately did not take as many pictures as I hoped I would. I often forgot the camera and Tyler and I were sometimes separated as he went on work trips, and I went to Utah.

Here are the only two pictures I took in Utah... We had a great trip though and I loved spending time with the McKees! I was also able to make a quilt and bumpers for the baby with the help of my mom, Aunt Terri, Julie and Susy. Thanks everyone!

Me, Mom and Ian in front of the SLC Temple
Me and Ian with the original tabernacle behind us

Here is a picture of Tyler out on a boat for work holding a sturgeon:
Lovely fish, eh?-- He had a great experience though and this should hopefully help improve his chances of getting into grad school for Natural Resource Management.

A few reason why I love Oregon....because I feel like sharing:

-Although I am loving being back in Virginia, the weather in Portland is just so pleasant. It is is warm and sunny, without being too hot and it is not humid. Falls in Virginia are colorful, but not crisp and windy like Oregon falls. Sweater weather starts much sooner in Oregon, which is a plus.
-I do love being around family and all of our family is in Oregon
-Compared to BV, the grocery stores in Oregon are so much better, with so many more healthy choices and organic food.
-I like being close to a large city, yet close to the wilderness and some of the most beautiful country in the U.S.

I think these pictures show why I love Oregon:
The beautiful Columbia Gorge! This is on Dog mountain and I did not get to go on this hike because I felt sick that day...(Erik took this picture, which is why it is so good)

The view from my parents house
My parents house/my home/a really wonderful place

The end for now.


  1. lovely post, my recent favorite. and oregon wants you back..

  2. Oh, thank you Caitlin! Someday, I'll come back to the lovely northwest for good. Hopefully, next year??

  3. You are as much in love with Oregon as I am with the Virginia you hate on so much. :)

    Can I just point out that Buena Vista does not necessarily represent Virginia? A lot of Westerners equate the two, but they are definitely not the same thing. BV is the worst place in Virginia I've ever lived. The town is ugly, the bugs are HORRENDOUS in the summer, and it's far away from everything. As far as the humidity goes, you get used to it. :) I never even noticed it until I went to school in Idaho, which, ironically, I hated for its dryness and windiness. :)

  4. I love Virginia, Heidi and I was happy to be back! It is a beautiful place, but I like Oregon more. I did grow up there... Western Oregon is not dry like Idaho. It rains a lot and the summers are not dry like Utah's, just pleasant. Oregon has some ugly little towns as well, but I don't happen to live in one of them:) Home is really close to Portland as well, which is a really beautiful city.

    I do like Virginia, but home is always so much better, wouldn't you agree? Come visit some time!

  5. I agree, home is always better. :) I have never actually been to Oregon, but my older brother lives there and he loves it. I'll have to visit sometime; who knows, maybe I'll want to stay! :)