Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7 months.

Elanor turned 7 months on the 10th of July, so I am a little late in posting this... People always tell you how fast it all goes, and I believed them, but never understood. I cannot believe Elanor is already 7 months old and is changing and growing up so fast. We absolutely love her.
 How could you not?

 Here's an update on her for those who care about this sort of thing:
At 7 months old Elanor can do so many things! She scoots around (backwards), tries really hard to go forwards and ends up frustrating herself, she can get up on her hands and knees, but can't move--yet,  she had been sitting up for two months now and really has it down, she can get from sitting down to her stomach, she can roll all over the place, can stand up by herself if she is holding on to something, eats like a champion, swims really well (does not even phase her to go under water), and is a very social, talkative baby. She is showing a  lot of personality lately. She babbles, sings (well sort of, she shouts "aaahhh"), and is still saying "dadada" a lot and sometimes says"mama" (though it is just babble). So many people remark on how happy of a baby she is and ask if she ever cries. Well, she does. She is really good though and fun and cuddly. She makes me smile.
Here's a video of Elanor scooting backwards a few weeks ago:

We went to Oregon at the beginning of July. We met Tyler's family in Joseph, OR and spent 4th of July there and then Tyler went back to SLC for work (I mentioned he got a job right? If not, he was hired as a lab tech at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the UofU).We had so much fun! Here are a few pictures from Joseph:

 Elanor with cousins, Casen and Colbi.
 Elanor with Mema and Casen

 Elanor and I went back with Kim/Mema, Kenny/Papa, and Great-Grandma Sandy to Portland. Then, I spent the rest of the week with my family and helping my mom out with Girl's Camp (a church camp). We also went up to Olympia for my cousin, Jean's, wedding. It was so great to see family!
with Great-Grandpa Roger before the wedding 
 With Grandpa, Gran and Uncle Ian at the reception
 Elanor and I with Jean (the bride!)
 All the Reed cousins at the wedding, we are missing four....Jess, Sean, Marlana and Andrew

My mom and Erik left the Monday after the wedding to go to England with their theatre group, so it left Ian, Dad and I. Since my dad had work, Ian and I had a lot of bonding time. We went on a little hike: 
 Horsetail Falls
 Trying to get a picture of the three of us (Ian cut Elanor out).
 We sort of got all of us... I just look silly. Some guy thought Ian was my husband! I quickly said, "No, he's my brother and five years younger."
 Elanor and Ian during our lunch break
Ian carried Elanor the 2nd half of the hike. So cute.

We had a lot of fun up in Oregon seeing family and we are sorry that we did not see all of you!

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