Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elanor's 1st Halloween

I love fairies and I especially love Cicely Mary Barker's illustrations and poems of her flower fairies.  So, pretty early on I decided Elanor would be one of her fairies. As I already said I love her depiction of fairies because they are not too mystical and weird and also are not all fairy princess-y. They look like flowers or trees. We did the Forget-Me-Not fairy costume as it is one of the few baby fairies. The costume we made is not completely like this one, because we were using material we already had.

This is the Forget-Me-Not Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker. 

This is our interpretation. We did not have any pink for the sash, so everything is blue.

 Tyler made the hat and shoes. I made the sash, the flower petal collar,sewed the flowers on the shoes, and also made the fabric flower on the back of her wings. We found the outfit at DI and dyed it and the wings blue. I also made her a wand which is not the one in the picture. It is very similar, just a blue fabric flower on it.
From the back.
 Cute little flower fairy.

 She can fly!

 All ready to go trick-or-treating!

We did not actually take her trick-or-treating... We went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner (which is where she got the adorable basket) and then went to our wards trunk-or-treat (which is where you trick-or-treat from car trunk to car truck and they were all decorated). It was pretty small but Elanor enjoyed it and seeing all the other kids in costume. She also loved reaching onto the candy bucket, picking out a piece and putting it in her basket. She did not get to eat any of the candy (we do!), but she loved playing with it. She was so cute.

It was a pretty fun Halloween!


  1. I am so impressed you made her costume!! It is perfect! Elanor, you are the cutest little forget-me-not fairy I've ever seen!! (I can't believe she's walking.. holy cow, go Elanor)

  2. Well, she is sort of walking... She can and has taken several steps on her own, can stand alone really well, can walk really well when holding my hand, but she gets nervous when she is walking all by herself sometimes and just sits down. I think she will be completely walking soon though.

  3. Wow! You guys are awesome! I didn't even try and make Blythe a costume. Super cute!

  4. I loved those fairies too! She looks so adorable, and I'm impressed you made her costume!

  5. Tyler is really the more talented one... He figured out how to make the shoes and hat without a pattern. I just made the easy stuff and even then I was working my brain hard. Sewing does not come easy for me, but I am trying to get better at it.

  6. i LOVE cicely mary barker! my mom had her alphabet fairy book and we always loved looking at it and picking our favorites! you guys did such a great job with her costume!