Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love your husband

So, I have been thinking lately about how there seems to be a lot of stuff out there about what husbands and fathers need to do, but not so much for women. For example there is this great video, which comes from Sis. Dalton's awesome conference talk.

While I completely agree and love this message, I think women need to remember that this message goes for them too. We need to love our husbands and show our daughters how a lady is supposed to act and show her the qualities she should value in a man. Likewise, we need to show our sons an example of what a wife should be, loving, equal, hard working, fun.  Women make just as many mistakes as the men (not always the same) such as nagging, spending more time with the children, being too busy, and then more serious stuff as well. I don't think women should take for granted the man they chose to marry and really, many women need this message more than the men. 

I found this great article called Wake-up Call for Wives. I think it is awesome and every woman should read it. It helped me to remember to always strive to be a better and more loving wife. 


  1. I agree, sometimes during my personal devotionals I begin to think about how blessed and lucky I am for my amazing husband...and what can I do to be a better wife :)