Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All About Elanor

Elanor hit the 18 month mark on June 10th. I cannot believe she is already 18 months and going to nursery at church (she has actually been going since she was 16 months). She is so full of life. She is talking up a storm! I am not even sure how many words she is saying now, well over 20 or 30. She is putting together words as well, plus she copies a lot of what I say. She is quite funny and laughs all the time. She loves giving hugs and kisses to almost anyone. She loves other babies and kids. Elanor is really into her baby doll and other dolls. She loves to put them to sleep, feed them, put them on her little potty and rock them in her cradle. It is so cute. Her newest obsession (and no that is not too strong a word) is Winnie the Pooh. When she was sick a couple weeks ago we let her watch Winnie the Pooh (she had previously not watched TV). She fell in love. She asks for Pooh all the time. Winnie the Pooh is a wonderful show, so I do indulge her obsession occasionally. 
Her "smile".

With her good friend Malachi, whom she calls, "Mali".

Like I said, she loves babies and she loves giving hugs!

We have been slowly sort of potty training Elanor for awhile now (she did great before Christmas, and after that she sort of gave up on the whole potty thing, but we still encouraged her to sit on her potty). We bought her some underwear a few weeks ago and I started by putting them on her during her nap, since she always wakes up dry from naps. I would give her a small treat for waking up dry and I think that helped her to start getting it. This whole week she has mostly been in underwear (which she loves and calls them "undies!!!!") and has successfully gone in her potty three times and has only had accidents outside, which is much better than inside. She seems to be getting it and definitely prefers wearing underwear to diapers. We still have a long way to go, but it is a start!
Elanor on our backpacking trip

Elanor is starting into this whole toddler thing. Tantrums. She has not thrown any terrible ones, but she does go from crying to smiling or vice versa in seconds. I am busy reading some books as how to best help her in these situations. I am no fan of whining or crying for what you want. I think a lot of it is that she is trying to communicate something and she can't or she is not getting what she wants and does not understand why. Luckily, she was very well behaved at her doctor's appointment. She threw a fit at her 12 month and I have since changed a bit of what I do at the office to make it go more smoothly. Distraction and books are great tools. She hardly cried when she got her shots, which completely surprised me. Speaking of her appointment, her are her stats :

I can't actually find the paper right now and it is probably in Elanor's room, but she is sleeping, so my memory is going to have to suffice.

weight: 21 pounds--10th %
height: around 30 inches--50th %
head: I don't remember, but know it was the 20th %

So, she is still quite small. She is healthy and strong though, just petite.

When Elanor and I were in Oregon, my mom paid for Elanor to get her pictures taken at Yuen Lui. They did a great job and the photographer was really good with her. Here is one of the pictures, hopefully we will be getting more soon!
Love her little teeth!


  1. I said the same thing when I saw that last picture of her (it's your mom's phone wallpaper) - "Look at those little teeth!" I love how petite she is - it makes it even more pleasantly shocking when you realize what a big personality and spirit she has inside. I have no idea how it all fits! ;)

    Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!


  2. She is so beautiful! She looks like a doll herself! I hope you guys are doing well!