Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Old Friend!

If you know anything about me then you know I'm talking about Harry Potter. His birthday was last Thursday and Becky and I threw him a birthday party, of course! I have been celebrating Harry's birthday for years, I know I did it as far back as high school (my whole family is also obsessed), but we could have had parties earlier than that. Many people (who are not Harry Potter people) often question my odd desire to celebrate a fictional person's birthday. 
{By the way it is really not that odd, many people of my generation (the Harry Potter generation) celebrate his birthday or at least acknowledge it.}
I often just tell those people that I love the books, grew up with them, etc. (plus, it is super fun)---but it is more than that. I got the first book when I was in 4th grade. I then read the next two quickly, then waited a year or so for the fourth book and also waited for subsequent others. I went to the midnight parties at the bookstore and my family usually bought two sets of the book and all six of us had to share (except for the last book--I had just graduated from high school and had my own money and so bought my own book). I grew up with Harry, sometimes he was older, but we eventually caught up and were the same age as the series closed. We both had finished childhood and were now on the brink of adulthood (though clearly Harry had had a lot more life experience). We had done it together. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were and are my friends. The fact that the books and characters matured with me (as in the characters aged, but also the depth of the plot increased as well), made it so these books heledp shape my character as I grew up. They are part of me in an unexplainable way (I have tried to explain it).

And so, as I have said on a yearly basis, thank you Harry. Thank you J.K. Rowling (who has the same birthday). 

Oh, you wanted pictures of the party? Here they are!
I made a snitch cake! Mrs. Weasley made one for Harry on his 17th birthday and I have been wanting to try to make one forever. It is quite huge! I quadrupled my chocolate cake recipe and baked the cake in two large pyrex bowls. I then cut each half circle in half, and put frosting in between each layer and put it all together (so four layers total). I then covered the cake with marshmallow fondant (which I made) and sprayed it gold. I made the feathers out of card stock and glued feathers on them and supported them with skewers.
Tyler was Harry (of course, as he looks just like him!), Elanor is a Swedish Short Snout dragon (4th book) and I am Fleur Delacour (I made the cape, but found the hat and dress on Etsy). 
I made Elanor's dragon costume. The Swedish Short Snout is a silvery blue dragon and I head fun putting this costume together and picking out fabrics.

Travis (Salazar Syltherin), Becky (Helga Hufflepuff), Lauren (Rowena Ravenclaw),  and Tom (Godric Gryffindor)--they are the four founders of Hogwarts. 
We had meat pies again this year, but also delicious frozen butter beer, Every Flavor Beans, mini apple pies and of course the Snitch cake.
Elanor and Micah
More of my cake.
A cute little dragon.

Becky and I did a trivia game again. We love coming up with questions! Ravenclaw won again this year...
 I think these pictures Travis got of us are pretty hilarious.

It was a fun party and thank you to everyone who came!

Until next year!


  1. So cool Elizabeth! I can't imagine how much time it takes to make all these things!

  2. Good job, Elizabeth!!!!! I'm so bummed we missed it! Your cake is incredible!!!! Goodness gracious! You are seriously so talented. Love you!