Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Knights and Princesses

Elanor wanted a Medieval birthday party. Mostly, she wanted a dragon at her party. She really likes dragons. Since, the theme was medieval it had to be an evil dragon, so the kids could slay it. To start off the party, each kid had a cardboard sword I had cut out and painted and then they could use jewels/sequins/glitter glue, etc. to decorate their swords. It was surprisingly successful and all the kids enjoyed it. 

Elanor's decorated sword.
A little later, we told the kids about a dragon that had stolen all the gold from the village and these brave princesses and knights needed to take back the gold for the village and in the process slay the dragon. We had a dragon piñata that we filled with gold necklaces, jeweled rings, chocolate gold coins, and another candy which was also wrapped in gold. The piñata was super fun, even if they did need some help. 

Soon after, we went back inside and all the kids took turns shooting Elanor's bow and arrow (this is what she wanted for her birthday) and then did cake. I love making cake, so it was fun to put this one together! I made a chocolate caramel cake (chocolate cake, caramel layers in between, and chocolate frosting). 

I made a small caramel lake on top, just for fun.

She loved it!
I usually upload my videos to youtube, but it was not working all that well! So, I uploaded this through blogger and hopefully it works fine. This is just a video of Elanor blowing out her candles. It is rather funny as she zones out for a bit while everyone is singing "Happy Birthday".

All in all it was a fun and successful party. Everything went smoothly and Elanor even got some great gifts. Thanks parents! (gifts are always totally optional as I feel bad having people spend extra money around Christmas time).


  1. So cute. Sorry we missed it. You're incredible at making cakes!