Friday, October 2, 2015

Six Months Old

This cute baby is six months old!

Alice is such a joy to be around! She smiles easily and at anyone. She is getting much better at letting other people hold her, but prefers me. Alice does get really excited when Tyler comes home and as always loves Elanor. She is really good at communicating what she wants for the most part and is quite talkative.
 Alice loves to eat! She has started doing this funny thing where if I am not putting food into her mouth quick enough she starts beating her arm against her body and making a funny noise that sort of sounds like breathing in and out quickly but with sound. It is pretty hilarious! She also chews in just about the cutest way possible.

Personality: From what I can tell at this point, Alice is happy and fairly easy going, but also determined and loud. She generally does so well at running errands and missing naps and does not complain. However, she still wakes up screaming in the middle of naps. She seems to be doing better at night, but it is hard when when she has been sick at least once every month of her life. Poor baby!

 Alice still is quite small I think, but we do not have a doctor here yet so I am unsure of her stats. She is a lovely squeezable baby, with nice little rolls and chubby cheeks. 

I love getting to know her more each day.

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