Monday, May 9, 2016

All About Alice

As I did not do an 11 month or 12 month update, here's an update on our littlest girl.

Alice took her first steps about two weeks after she turned one. She is walking quite a bit now, but still crawls a lot as well. Alice does not talk much, but does jabber, scream and occasionally say things like "num" and "dada". She does wave, clap, blow kisses, sign "please"and "more", and make funny faces. Alice is a fairly careful little person and that was how she approached her birthday cake. She does also have an enduring spirit and ate away at her cake as long as we let her (this endurance thing also applies to crying). She has a sweet and gentle personality, but has a scream that is probably one of the worst things you will hear (which I hope you never have to). She is also quite funny and enjoys making us laugh. Alice loves music and dancing. As soon as music or even a beat of any sort comes on she starts to dance. I think music/dance will be one of her passions in life. She has also started to get really into books and will sit patiently and read many in a row (either by herself or having someone read to her). Alice is still hesitant about new people and takes some time to warm up to new situations in general, but is getting much better.

 She loves her sister so much and I am so glad they have each other.
She also super loves her cousin, Cedric.

Alice enjoys food (still quite passionate about this even if she does sometimes throw it on the floor), her mom and dad, her sister, grandparents, her cousin, Cedric, her pacifier, her penguin named Pip, baby dolls (any doll really), being outside, riding on her rocking moose, music, reading books and sliding down slides.

We love her more than we can say.

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