Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I make some very silly mistakes sometimes and one of those was accidently deleting my blog... The real mistake was getting a new email. I had had my twinkletoes11_33 email since 7th grade and I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to get a new more mature email. So, I went to gmail and signed up for a new email. However, I somehow misspelled my middle name, which was part of my email and did not realize it. I told all of my contacts my new email and spelled my middle name right. Then, I went to use my blog and it automatically used my gmail address since google owns "Blogger". When I realized that I had misspelled my own middle name, I had to create a new email (I could not have it misspelled my whole life!) and I had already given everyone my email with my name spelled correctly. So, I made a new email and deleted my other one. By deleting my missspelled email address, that in turn deleted my blog. I am so sorry. I could not even use the same web address, because "Blogger" said that that account had been deleted and no one could use that address. So, I was pretty bummed about that and had to come up with a new web address. It is the "the soleph connection" because 'sol' is the first part of my middle name and 'eph' is the last part of Tyler's middle name. Plus, I think it is a pretty cool little word. So, that is the story, morning glory! Pretty pathetic...

So, I will start posting pictures as soon as I can. Thats all from me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!

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