Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Tyler and I were really excited to get our own Christmas tree this year! We do not have that many ornaments, but it still looked pretty good. The picture does not do the tree justice... The flash from our camera lit it up in a weird way, so you can't really see the lights on the tree. Oh, well... Our mantle was decorated with all of my nutcrackers (save my really large one), holly and fir, and our stockings. Tyler came up with an ingenious way to hang them by using a metal hanger to make hooks and he stuck them into two gaps beteewn the brick and the wood on the mantle. I was impressed. Again with this picture, the flash takes out the warmth from the picture, but it was lit with candles, not such bright, unyeilding lights as the flash seems to show. We are quite pleased with how the decorations all turned out and the wreath we made looks so lovely on the front door!

We are really ready to make to move to Virginia! We are so excited and hopefully we will be able to get into Treemont Apts. They seem to think that we cannot fill anyhting out until we actually move to Virginia. However, I am not sure how we can move there if we don't have a place to live!! Hopefully it will all work out.... Besides that we are really excited to start school at SVU and Tyler and I get to take some classes together! I also ge to take Theatre History with my sister, whom I absolutely adore! (It Takes Two...anyone??)


  1. Are you crazy putting neon yellow as your background color? It hurts to look at the page.

  2. Actually, I am not crazy. Tyler is. He did that and he thought it looked "cool". I luckily changed it to a nice, soothing dark gray.