Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas, The Great Crossing, and Virginia

Tyler and I had a great first Christmas together. Here we are all dressed up for Christmas Eve at my parents house, where we had a most delightful time. We had Christmas Day with Tyler's family.
Every Christmas Eve, we open up new pajamas to wear that night and this year Jessica and I got matching ones! We have not had matching Christmas pajamas since we were about 8 and 7 or so... Pretty cute, huh?

This is Ian looking very handsome on Christmas morning!

Tyler and I made my mom this bag for Christmas to carry all of her theatre gear.

The Great Crossing Begins
The first day, from Portland to Salt Lake was pretty cramped. We somehow fit all of our stuff and 7 people into 2 cars.

This is a picture of my lovely cousin Julie and I.
We stayed 2 nights and a day with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Salt Lake City to recooperate. Tyler had never been to Salt Lake City, so we showed him around. We spent a very enjoyable day walking around Temple Square and watching the Joseph Smith movie playing in the theater. Ian and Erik stayed with the McKees this whole week, so they did not have to drive all the way across the country.

Tyler and I in front of the Conference Center (where General Conference is held). The water fall behind us starts from the top of the buliding and stair steps down. It is so beautiful!

Susy and Jessica sitting on a bench in Temple Square.

Tyler took this amazing picture of the Salt Lake City Temple. It took the pioneers 40 years to build! It is such a beautiful temple...

This is the statue of the Savior in the Visitors Center. I love this sculpture.

Tyler and I in Temple square at night when it is all lit up. It is amazing how every branch on the trees are lit up. It is worth it see Temple Square at Christmas time. Beautiful !!!!!

Susy, Jessica, Julie and I

On the Road Again...

A beautiful sunrise, with windmills.....we had already been up and driving for several hours...uggh...

We drove through Utah, Wyoming and almost all of Nebraska in one day. Nebraska was not too interesting, but it had lovely sunrises and sunsets and really nice rest stops.
On the second day, we drove south through what was left of Nebraska, a tiny bit of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and finally Virginia! St. Louis, Missouri was a really cool city (I wish I took some pictures!-but I was driving). I also thought that Louisville, Kentucky would have been a fun place to stop at and explore. It sort of reminded me of Portland, because of how it was situated on the river.
Finally.... VIRGINIA!
This is beautiful, sunshiny Virginia! The Blue Ridge Mountains are in the background.

This is Main Hall at SVU. They have dorms, offices, the cafeteria, and a ballroom in this building. It is such a neat buliding with an amazing view.

Tyler and I standing next to the SVU Knight.

Wow, what a journey! 3000 miles later and we are across the country... Thank you Mom and Dad for helping us get over here. We could not have done it without you! Thank you!!!! We love you and will miss you!
Ian and Erik, Tyler and will really miss you, but we will be sure to let you know what is going on with Jessica..... (you too mom and dad) Tyler and I will hang up your artwork as soon as we get moved in! We love you!
Tyler and I are living in temporary housing provided by SVU until we get approved to live in Treemont Apartments (government housing). So we will let everyone know when that happens and will be sure to put some more picures on. Thats all for now!


  1. Yeah, you made it!! The blog looks great and so does Virginia! What an adventure! I can't wait to see updates on what life is like looks like a really great place so far!

  2. Thank you for checking up on us! We really like it a lot so far and are glad to be here.