Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Disasterous D.C. Trip

We decided to go up to Washington D.C. on Tuesday to pick Jessica up a cheap bed at IKEA. We made it to IKEA, got the bed, picked up a little table and chairs for ourselves and then made our way into D.C. About 3 miles outside of D.C., on the freeway, our car decided not to work. So, Tyler steered over to a very narrow shoulder and called up USSA to tow us to a Saab shop. We then waited for over an hour for the tow truck to pick us up. When it finally came, we were met by a local who was pretty much what I expected from someone from D.C.. He was nice, but pretty rough around the edges. We, then dropped our car off and proceeded to a Quiznos across the street to wait for Jessica, Ricky (her boyfriend) and Kelan (sorry if misspelled) to pick us up. We waited for 2 1/2 hours for them.... They could not find their way from the Holocaust Musuem to where we were in Arlington. Finally, they found us and picked us up. Now, all we needed to do was to figure out what to do.... The Saab guy told us our car would most likely be done the next day, but if not we were 3 hours from Buena Vista. Ricky's car 2 door car was also going to be pretty packed as they also had to pick up 2 people from the airport. So, we decided to stay in a motel nearby that "was not quite sketchy enough" for Ricky.
I am on the closer bed and Ricky, Kelan and Jessica are on the other bed (sorry, this is not a very clear picture). We went and got pizza at a nearby joint and they came back to our room before they had to head to the airport by 11pm.

So, Tyler and I did not have a change of clothes, toothbrushes, deodorant, or make-up, but we did get showers!

The next day, we walked about 10 min. down to a mall to see if we could find a charger for Tyler's phone, which we eventually did...but had to sit for a few hours to let it charge. In the meantime, we had found out how much our car was going to cost... Of course, Tyler and I did not have enough money and had to ask our families to help. Thank you!!! After that was all figured out we decided to actually see D.C., so we bought subway passes to head over to the National Monument.

Tyler had never been on the subway before and thought it was really cool. The DC subway system was pretty cool and really clean.

The Washington Monument on a very cold, wet and blustery day.
Tyler and I decided to go to the Holocaust musuem, as Jess saud it was a good one to see. It was very interesting, disturbing and depressing, which was pretty much what I thought it would be like.
Then, we got a call from the Saab guy (at 3 in the afternoon) that our car would not be done until tomorrow. AAAHHH!! Now what were we supposed to do. Every musuem closes at 5 and if Jess and Ricky were going to come pick us up, where would we wait? Also, we had our 1st day of school the next day, but we also did not want to have to drive up to DC again to pick up the car. We found shelter from the darkening sky and the cold and damp in this beautiful castle (also know as the Smithsonian) to figure out what to do.

We finally decided to take the SVU's charter bus back to Buena Vista from the Dulles Airport at 8pm. So, we rushed to the subway, and then we would have to take a bus to get to that airport. When, we got phone service as we came up from the underground, we got a call from the Saab guy saying that our car was ready (Hallelujah!!!), but we had to get there fast as they were closing. So, we hopped on the subway and heading back to Arlington.

Now, we have our car, we made it home and I have already had my first class. What an adventure for Tyler and I in our 1st week in Virginia!... I am glad to be back in Buena Vista.

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