Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So, I updated the blog a bit, found a free background (unfortunately with that little 'cutestblogontheblock.com' thing to the left), and added some pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. I think it looks pretty good...

Anywho... Tyler and I have been doing really pretty good. We have a month left of school (3 papers to write, a few more tests and finals), we are leaving for Europe on May 5th (thanks to my wonderful mum), and we do have jobs. We are working at Tuscany Italian restaurant-which I actually really like, but our hours are not what we hoped and minimum wage in Virginia is pretty pathetic. They keep telling us that it will get busier soon. Hopefully!!

So, about Europe... I am so excited! We (my Mum, Erik, Jessica, Tyler and I) are going to England, France, Italy and Germany (in that order). I am really excited because I get to see my friend Laura, who is from Germany and I have not seen in 2 years.

London, England
Paris, France

Vernazza, Italy (we are also going to Venice) Luneburg, Germany (where Laura lives!)

I just thought I would let people know where we are going and I will of course blog about it when we get back. Until next time....

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