Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another D.C Trip

We went up to Washington D.C. on Tuesday to go up to the temple. We were able to use one of SVU's huge vans to haul Candace, Cisco, Christian, Heidi, Tyler and I up to D.C. We left around 7 AM and got to the temple at about 10. After we did a session and ate lunch, we drove into downdown D.C. We parked along way away because we did not know we could park closer and the van is so huge and difficult to park. So, we had a nice long walk to the D.C. Mall (museum area between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building) Along the walk we got some pictures of the Jefferson Memorial.

The Natural History Museum

Tyler was so excited to see real dinosaur bones. Here he is standing next to the T-Rex.

Another of the T-Rex

This is the triceratops and its head was huge! This picture does not really do it justice....

More dinosaurs...with Christian and Heidi in the background.

This is a baby duckbill dinosaur
Tyler thought this was the scariest dinosaur.
Pre-Historic Mammals
There used to be tiny little horses!

This is a giant sloth.... at least 15 ft high or taller!

Me standing next to a Wooly Mammoth

Ocean Animals
A dead giant squid---about 36 feet long (Tyler thought it was really cool)
There was also a really cool mammal exhibit, but we did not take any pictures.

The Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden actually costs about $6, but it is free on Tuesdays, so we got lucky!

A huge butterfly!

The Hope Diamond
There was also a really cool rock and gem exhibit, but we only got a picture of the Hope Diamond.

Walking Back to the Van
We decided to stop at the Jefferson Memorial and we also had a really nice walk around the water.
Thomas Jefferson
It says, "I have sworn upon the alter of God."

We look tiny....

The view from the bridge.

After leaving D.C. we went to Ikea, had a great time and headed back to BV. It was a really fun trip!

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