Monday, May 25, 2009

Europe Trip: Bath and Canterbury

After London, we headed to Bath; made popular in Jane Austen novels and for its ancient Roman baths unearthed in the 1800s. First, we stopped off at a delightful little town called Castlecombe.

Doesen't this make you think of Hobbiton?

The local church was old enough to have a knight from the Crusades buried there...pretty cool.

The main street

The Great Bath And again...

Tyler and I standing next to the Great Bath
Tyler thought this was so cool, so I had to put a picture up. The ancient Romans used these stacks of stones to hold the floor up, which also allowed them the heat the floor from below.
The Sacred Spring--I think it is where the hotspring actually is and this water heats the Great Bath.

Tyler and Erik both decided to get their hair cut in Bath, so these are picutures of them with their new British haircuts.From Bath, we headed east towards Ramsgate (to take a ferry to France). We stopped off at Stonehenge and Canterbury.
The famous Canterbury Cathedral Ancient archways near the Cathedral
Me leaning with a tilted house in Canterbury
The journey continues in France in the next blog post....

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