Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Few Things...

#1: We got a new car!!!!
It is a 2003 Subaru LegacySorry... I did not realize it had gotten dark when I decided to go out and take pictures. It has a sun roof and a moon roof! Oh, and a rack, which Tyler is excited about.The interior is really pretty nice--we have cup holders!!! We do have floor mats but they are still in a bag in the back from being at a dealership.
The back is pretty cool, cause it has a special little safety feature for car seats. We love it and are super excited to have a car again. Anyone need a ride?

#2: I made a really yummy meal!

I made a delicious stew today and it made me so happy. I love comfort food!

#3: I made Aragorn's dagger from Lord of the Rings for my stagecraft class.

Here it is, but it is a little longer and less curvy than Aragorn because of the wood I had to use.It had a nice real leather (pleather) handle and I really carved Elvish into the blade. I am pretty proud of myself, Tyler only helped a little bit.

#4: I helped out with SVU's play She Loves Me backstage and also built the set for my stagecraft class.

The set turned out amazing. It was a revolving set with one side as the inside of the store and the other as the exterior of the shop and street. I painted and put up all those shelves. Cut and made the railing on the top, helped paint, put up the foam bricks, built the main structure and learned a lot in my stagecraft class.
Thats all for now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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