Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wifely Duties

I have finally been able to fulfill some of my wifely duties! I have been working so much and going to school that I have hardly had a chance to make a real dinner (except on Sunday), or clean up the house or anything! This week I am not working at all (at Tuscany) because I am helping backstage with SVU's play, "She Loves Me". I am still gone from 7:30-11, but I was able to be home during dinner time. Tyler and I had time to do dishes and then I made Tyler a delicious Italian meal.
This would be me cooking dinner tonight...I made cookies on Sunday, so I thought i could throw this in here as counting for 'wifely duties'. The great thing is, is that I finally found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I think is just about perfect. I have been searching and trying many chocolate chip recipes over the past few months trying to find the right one (it can't be a special kind with peanut butter, or M&M's in it---just a plain old regular recipe). So, I was looking on my favorite baking website,, and decided to try their chocolate chunk cookie recipe (not the chocolate chip recipe, which is also on the website). It was delicious and the cookies looked absolutely beautiful as well. Yummm! I just had to share that, as I had been searching for the perfect recipe for a few months now and i was pretty excited.

Tyler and I are doing really well. We are still pretty busy, but now that soccer is over our life will slow down just a little bit. I am glad he played though, because they had a great season, a great team and I loved watching him play. That all for now as I better get to bed!!

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