Monday, December 14, 2009

My Little Ballet Class

I teach a little beginners ballet class for little 3-4 year olds because one of our friends really wanted her daughter to take ballet. I have loved doing it! I have only had two girls, June and Alexis, but since I'm doing this at home, we don't have too much space anyways. I basically move all the furniture out of our living room and use the backs of chairs as the barre. These pictures are all of June as Alexis missed this day. June is showing me 1st position in the above picture. 2nd position
Plie (doesn't she look good? Her alignment is perfect in this picture!)We practice walking on our toes with our arms in different positions, her arms are in high 5th.
For Christmas, I taught June a little Clara dance from the Nutcracker. she loves being able to dance with a nutcracker. She actually did really well at remembering everything herself until her mom and Tyler came and watched.

Dancing with a nutcracker

Thats all for now...just studying for finals...


  1. This is precious!! I teach them both in Nursery and they are adorable. I will for sure to ask them about their dancing.

  2. Aww, I love it! She looks so talented already. I think that's so cool you teach them. :)