Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in Oregon-part 1

We were able to come back to Oregon for Christmas (thanks to my parents) and had a wonderful time with family. We were back for three weeks and so I have a lot of pictures and will have to do this in a few segments...

We started out the Christmas season by baking several delectable treats.
Erik and Jessica making Peanut Butter Balls...yum!
Jessica is giving me an interesting look...
Erik making Swedish Rosettes, which is batter deep fried in the shape of a star and then dusted with powdered sugar. Delicious.
The Christmas Tree and Nativity at my parent's house.
Since we missed Thanksgiving with family, we had a Thanksgiving Dinner the 1st Sunday we got there. We did also have Christmas crackers, thus the crowns.

We had Christmas in Spokane with my Grandpa and family--
My Dad on Christmas Eve by the tree at my Grandpa's house.
The dining room table on Christmas Eve
We took some family pictures and here is Erik, our resident photographer.
There were several cameras going off at once, so everyone is looking somewhere else. This is my Mom's side of the family minus the McKee's and Andrew and Marlana (we got to see Andrew and Marlana later on in the week!). I really missed not seeing all of my wonderful McKee cousins this year.

Some great news! On Christmas Eve, we were playing charades and it was my Uncle Scott's turn. He had brought his girlfriend over for Christmas Eve and acting as if he was going to do a charade, he proposed! It was great and we are really excited to have Missa as a part of our family!

Christmas Morning!:

Here I am on Christmas morning. Tyler put this little Playmobile fairy in my stocking...hahaha!

Erik has a thing with Canada and the Olympics and was very excited about getting a Canadian flag in his stocking.

Sadly, these are the rest of the pictures I have from Spokane. Erik took a lot more and if I get those I will put them up.

We had a lot of fun in Spokane! We played a lot of games went ice-skating(sort of-it was a frozen pond, but we did not have skates) and just spent a lot of time with family, which was great!

Next up, pictures from Christmas with Tyler's family and more adventures in Oregon!


  1. Thanks for posting these Elizabeth. I love going to your blog and seeing new photos and news. Love, love , love you, Mom

  2. another thing, Ian is not in the family photo in Spokane. Do you jave another one to use? -Mom

  3. hmmm... that is weird about Ian. I will have to check and see if I have another one with Ian in ti.

  4. Actually, if you look closely Ian is in the picture. He is just hiding behind Mom. You can see him resting his elbows on the couch. Ian...tsk, tsk...