Sunday, January 31, 2010


It started snowing late Friday night and this is what it looked like after I got back from rehearsal on Saturday morning.
It continued to snow all day.

On highway 60 going to Lexington
Tyler and I
We actually drove up to Staunton on Saturday night to see Dr. Faustus at Blackfriars with Megan and Seth. The roads were not bad at all and there was hardly anyone on the road. We had a lot of fun and the play was really good.
It continued to snow all night and they canceled church (the roads were really not that bad...). The next morning we woke up to this:
A beautiful sunny day and about a foot of snow!
Tyler and I took a walk in the woods behind Treemont and climbed to the top of the hill and had a picnic.
Our picnic site
The view from the where we were sitting

Eating lunch!
Drinking hot chocolate!

Later we met up with Jessica and Ricky and went sledding down a nearby hill.

Ricky throwing snowballs
Skeleton style
A beautiful evening
We love the snow and beautiful Virginia.

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