Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Love the Olympics!

We have been watching the Olympics as much as we can afford to with a play going on, school and work. However, I have been loving every minute I have been able to watch. My favorites this year have been speed skating (Apolo), figure skating in all its forms, hockey, all skiing events (Bode and Von, oh and that ski jumper from Switzerland), nordic combined (yay for 2 silvers!) , ski and snowboard cross and of course Shaun White's mad skills . The biggest surprise so far is how much I have loved ice dancing. I had never really watched it and had always heard how cheesy it was and guys like to make the argument that it is not as athletic as other sports. It does have a more performance and artistic feel to it. Often many of the competitors were very cheesy and not all that interesting, however, the Canadian team and the US team of Davis and White caught my eye. The Canadian team of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were simply beautiful. Their free skate dance was so sincere, honest, graceful, and elegant. It moved me and was one of the best things I have seen thus far at the Olympics. Many people might not appreciate ice dancing, but should at least be able to watch this and feel something by watching it.

The medal ceremony was also one of the best I have seen as well. The American team of Davis and White were also beautiful and rightly earned their place as silver medalist.

Well, enough about that.

Here is a picture of the Olympics shirt I got at Target, because i could not pass it up.