Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with my family and Elanor!

Andrea Stuart took some family pictures for us and she did a great job! The only problem was that Elanor was wide awake for about three hours but fell asleep as soon as we started taking pictures. She still looked cute though.

All the Scott children: Ian, Jessica, Erik, and me

The whole family

Christmas 2010 in Virginia:

Elanor loves looking at the Christmas tree

This is her still looking at the tree

On Christmas Eve Day we took a nice walk in the snow:

Christmas Eve:

Our tree

Mom making Eggnog Custard Cups for dessert

Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Day:

Erik Christmas morning

My dad with Elanor

Elanor in her new tie-dyed onesies Ian made her

The gingerbread trifle I made for Christmas dinner

Baby blessing:
Today, we did Elanor's baby blessing because my family is here and they are leaving this week. Church ended up being canceled, so we did it at home. Since it is Christmas weekend, a lot of people that we wanted to be there were out of town but family was here and that is more important. Tyler gave her a lovely blessing and she looked so pretty as well!
Here we are! I will try to get a better picture of Elanor close up so you can see the dress better. She looked so beautiful.

We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so fun to have Elanor here for Christmas. I am so glad that my family was able to come as well and they have helped us out so much. Thank you! I hope everyone had a great Christmas as well and have a happy New Year!


  1. I'm so glad that your family could come out ans do Christmas with you guys! That's wonderful! And I have to're looking great post-pregnancy!!! :)

  2. It has been really nice to have them here! Thank you as well!

  3. Elanor is so beautiful!!!! Congratulations!