Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Elanor pictures...

Sorry, this is not going to be a nice long post... I need to go, so I will mostly be putting up pictures. I will be blogging a lot more often now though since family is going to be wanting to see more pictures of Elanor. So here goes:

This is Elanor's blessing picture--this is a little late but she looks beautiful!

My parents got Tyler and I this awesome stroller for Christmas!

Here are the latest Elanor pictures at three weeks old!:

With Tyler's mom, Grandma Kim
The weight around her bum is all diaper... The cloth diapers make her bum and hips look huge!

We went up to Washington DC with Tyler's mom, which was a lot of fun. Elanor did really well and seemed to enjoy it:)

In the Natural History

With Abraham Lincoln!

Sorry, I would write more, but as we do not have internet I am over at Jessica's house and Tyler really wants me to come home...

Thank you to my family and Tyler's mom, Kim, for coming out to see Elanor and helping us out. We really appreciate it and love you all!

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