Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lately with the Laurents...

Like the title? It sounds like a sitcom, doesn't it? Well, I thought it was funny.

Tyler has been working on grad school applications and contacting the professors at the schools he is applying to. He is looking at applying to: University of Idaho, University of Washington, Oregon State, Humboldt State University, and University of Arizona-- in Fishery Resources. He is also looking for a second job, which has been proving to be difficult. Tyler is loving being a dad and he is great with her and so helpful. Oh and as a matter of interest, he is reading the 5th Harry Potter book again, which he will finish tonight.

I have been taking care of Elanor (which is a lot of fun), reading North and South (so good!!!!), teaching ballet, and finishing up some school stuff. I have two classes I did not get to finish before Elanor came and my professors have been so understanding. I am almost done with my scene painting project and the paper for my Shakespeare class and then I will be finished with school!

Elanor is doing wonderful! She has been smiling at us since she was 3 weeks and is smiling more and more everyday. She has also been making a variety of cute little noises. She is so much fun and we are loving being parents!

Here are a few pictures of Elanor at 5 weeks old ( I can't believe she is already over a month old!):

Ian made Elanor this awesome mobile for Christmas:

The black and white patterns are supposed to stimulate her brain.

She loves looking at her mobile.

She just looked so pretty in her little dress that I had to get out the camera:

I love this face. The picture is unfortunately blurry, but still so funny.

She was in such a good, silly mood here:

Another day-- She was doing funny faces again and I have been trying to catch her smile on camera. Somehow the smiley pictures always end up blurry.

She looks so pretty! I love this outfit and she has almost grown out of it already!

That is all from us for now!

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  1. Hey Elizabeth! Just an FYI about the job search. Jake will be quitting his job with SVU Security at the end of this month. It's pretty much the easiest job on campus and they get paid $9.5 an hour. So Tyler might want to go ask for an application the last weekend in January if he's interested. Just thought I'd let you know. :)