Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Elanor and I are making the trek out west (well, by airplane) this Friday so family and friends can meet Elanor. I am pretty excited, but slightly nervous for the airplane ride (what if Elanor screams the whole time?!?!). I'm sure she will surprise me and be a perfect baby, but I am still a little worried doing it by myself. In Oregon, my wonderful friends, Caitlin and Mallory, are throwing me a baby shower, which I am excited about. My mom is also directing Twelfth Night (which my brother, Erik, is also in) and that will be playing while I am there! We will also be seeing lots of family back home including Kim (Tyler's mom), Tyler's dad and family, my Aunt Tina and Uncle Jerry (in Tahoe) and many more I am sure... Elanor is quite popular. We are so excited to see everyone! Tyler is not coming with us as he has class and work. He especially cannot afford to miss work because we need to save up to move back to the West Coast. It will be a long two weeks for him and I will miss him a lot... He has a backpacking trip planned for one of the weekends though with our friend Brandon Seeberger and he is looking forward to that (I mean super boy scout excited).

Well, enough rambling from me. Here are some of the preview pictures Leigh Stoddard took of Elanor:
More pictures to come!

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