Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Lately, I have been really trying to think of something to write about. I want to write something clever and intelligent and get several lovely comments.That is really quite vain of me... However, I have been quite busy with Elanor and really don't have anything to write. I used to spend so much more time writing stories, but since college I have found my life a busy blur. After having Elanor and graduating, I have had quite a bit more time on my hands--if Elanor cooperates. [The trip to Oregon was a lot of fun, but a little difficult for Elanor coming back to Virginia (with the 3 hour difference and she caught a cold). So lately, she has been a little fussy and difficult to get to sleep---but I have done my reading (Babywise and many online articles) and we are starting fresh tomorrow and will wake up, eat, have wake time and nap time all at the right times.] Alright back on topic--where was I? Writing. Yes, I would love to write something lovely and pretty or interesting and entertaining. As I said before, I used to enjoy writing stories. I had and probably still do a terrible habit of never finishing any of them. When I was 8 or 9, I came up with this great story (I thought it was at least) about a rather spoiled and rude princess whose parents wanted her to get married. A prince offered and  presented her with a beautiful crown. Once she put it on, the crown made her look like how she acted--ugly. Eventually, with the help of the prince she repents of her ways, becomes kind and loving and marries the prince and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, I only wrote maybe half of it. My other writing weakness is writing too much--as I have already done. The point is, I am going to try and write again and hopefully it will be decent...

If you would like to read something worth reading, my sister was recently published in the Deseret News, (click here) for reviewing the kids TV show Wishbone. It is really quite exciting that she is published--even for something as simple as reviewing a show.

I know this is really getting long----but--- I would like to apologize for my past terribly written posts. I would usually just describe the pictures and mutter something about being too busy. I really was too busy (2-3 jobs, school, and usually in a play or ballet) and uploading pictures takes way too long, so I sacrificed my writing. I apologize and hopefully my posts will be better written, more worth your time, insightful and someday I would love to write something clever (like my sister or brother Erik).

Here's to a better blogging future!

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  1. Hooray for better writing, but don't neglect the pictures of our beautiful baby:) Love you!