Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 months--2 weeks late...

Elanor turned 8 months on August 10th, but with the move, and no internet for 2 weeks, I am sorry to say I have not been a very good blogger. We finally got her into the doctor on the 16th for her 6 month shots (she really despises getting her shots) and general checkup.
Elanor's stats:
weight: 16.69 lbs--24%
height: 26 1/4 in.--22%
head: 16.9 in--32%

--Elanor would not stay put for these pictures! She kept crawling up to me to see her picture on the camera...
------Did I mention Elanor was crawling?!?! Well, it is old news now, she started really crawling two weeks ago. She had been scooting backwards since she was around 6 months. Somewhere around 7 months she was getting up on her knees. However, it was pretty hard to get her to move forwards. I tried all sorts of persuasion to get her to move forwards. Finally, she started doing this half crawl/scoot/leap forward thing around the end of July. Right, around her 8 month date she started crawling for reals. She is quite the pro and moves around like crazy.
--Oh, yes, she loves her thumb...

---Elanor is still an awesome eater, sleeper, sitter, swimmer, laugher, talker, and cuddler. She also really loves books, learned to sit up by herself, can almost pull herself all the way up, and loves sprinklers.

--Oh, and I'm almost positive she is a lefty.

We are loving our new place and I should have some pictures of our new house soon!

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