Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Pictures

Leigh Stoddard took these pictures for us back in May(when we were still in Virginia). We got the cd with all the pictures yesterday. I love them! I forgot how much littler, less tan, and bald Elanor looked at 5 months old. She has changed so much in 3 months! There are so many good ones, even though Elanor was being a little difficult during this session. She wanted to look everywhere but the camera! I'm am trying to figure out which ones to blow up. Any suggestions? Here they are:

 Awful of me... What am I doing with my neck?!?!? Elanor looks cute though, so I put it up.


  1. Those are such cute pictures! I can't get over how adorable Elanor is.

  2. I love these! You all look wonderful!
    P.S. We finally started our own blog
    Miss you! We are thinking of you at Mom2Mom too.