Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sneak Peak.

Some people, namely my brother, Ian, have been wanting to see our new house. Here is a photo of the outside and I'm sorry to say but I'm only posting pictures of the outside. 
 Here is our little 50's house! Unfortunately, we are in the basement. It is a fairly bright basement though! It was built by Marion G. Romney for his son---he was an apostle of the LDS church in 70s and 80s.

 Our entrance is down this walk way and our stairs go behind that bush. That walk way used to be almost completely covered in Virginia Creeper vines.  I spent an afternoon, cutting, taming and getting rid of that most beastly vine. It grows everywhere around our house and is very destructive. We got rid of all the vines, so that there is now just ivy on the fence.
 Our address on the pole next to our stairs.
The stairs down! The basement is deeper in the front, than in the back. Our kitchen and Elanor's room are almost not underground at all.

We are pretty much all the way moved in, but there are a few last minute things to figure out. I was sent our family pictures (as you saw in the last post), but Leigh is going to email me a larger resolution of the ones I want blown up. We are putting some of these family pictures on the wall and I'm rather weird, but I want our place to look perfect, so there won't be any pictures until those pictures are up on the wall. I actually decided that I could do a sort of video tour, then everyone could see our place better. Sorry, that this is all you get for now... but, hopefully I will make that video soon!

Tyler and I have recently gotten really into this group called Elephant Shortcut. They are from SVU and you can buy their music on iTunes or Amazon. They are really quite talented and I love their style. You can (and should) check out their blog, listen to their videos and previews on iTunes or Amazon, and then buy their EP. Its only $4.95. You won't regret it, at least if you like folksy, indie type music. Go to their blog here:

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