Saturday, December 10, 2011

She's one.

Elanor was born at 4:16 pm on December 10th, 2010 at Augusta Hospital in Virginia. I feel like it was only yesterday... She is already one. How did that happen? When? A whole year? Really?( To see how it happened keep reading...)

Elanor made our year awesome, and she is really quite easy, enjoyable, and funny, but she does have days like this:

But--she also has cuddly, sweet, lost of kisses days like this:

 She also sometimes does naughty things...
Flushing the toilet is not that naughty, it is mostly that she knows that I don't like her playing in the toilet and she sometimes sneaks away (and she almost always goes in the bathroom-the door does not shut too well) and knows she is not supposed to play with the toilet. She gets a little mischievous grin on her face when she does stuff like this, which worries me a little, but partly makes me grin :)

 She is a great walker, eater, and talker. She also has a great sense of humor, loves to dance, and in general  brings so much joy to both Tyler and I. We love her. She has made us better people and parenthood has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. There have been challenges, but not too difficult--yet. I assume babies are easier than toddlers, kids, teenagers and young adults (in that order). But what do I know? This is the first time I've been a parent. I love watching her learn and grow up, but I also wish she would sometimes just stay---little, sweet and filled with kisses.

 Yum! More on her party later!


  1. She is precious. Good job making this one precious. :) I'm super happy for you guys. And I miss you too. Hope all is well!

  2. It seems like yesterday our babies were born!! They grow up so fast. Miss Elanor is so cute! Happy Birthday little girl :)