Thursday, December 15, 2011

1st Birthday.


Unfortunately, Elanor did not have the best 1st birthday. Elanor and I went back home to Oregon to see my  Mom's play, The Christmas Carol (which was amazing!), on Thursday and flew back to Utah early Saturday morning (Elanor's birthday). She did great on the flight and was in a pretty good mood most of the day. When she woke up from her afternoon nap, she was super cranky and touchy. She ended up having a terrible (worst ever!) diaper rash. She never gets diaper rash.  It was so bad that it bled. Poor little girl. I just kept thinking: Why today of all days?!?!? It's her birthday!!  We are still not quite sure what caused it or if it was something she ate, but it was terrible. She was really touchy about sitting down and freaked out pretty bad at one point, but after she had some quiet time and rested she perked up a bit. However, we did the cake when she was grumpy (that was when people were here...). She still did a pretty good dive into the cake and ate a lot considering her grumpiness and pain.
For her party, we just had a few friends and our Utah family come over and eat some snacks, chat, eat cake, and open presents. I made a gingerbread cake, with custard in the middle and a whipped cream frosting. It tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself. I made one regular size cake and one little cake for Elanor. To make Elanor's cake I made the recipe and then made a 1/2 recipe and baked her cake in one cake pan. Then, I cut out two smaller circles of cake out of the one cake and then put it together like I would a regular cake. It turned out pretty good and looked really cute.
Elanor's little cake.


          Here's the video of Elanor eating her cake. First she was just being held, because she did not want to sit down

After Elanor got over  her episode, she opened her present from Tyler and I. We did not "buy" her anything. We gave her my old American Girl Bitty Baby doll. Tyler cleaned her up really nice and we washed her clothes and put on her best outfit. Elanor loves the baby doll. She was so excited when she opened it and has not stopped carrying her around. She is pretty cute with her baby doll. She also got a present from my aunt (cute plate, spoon and knife set), a ton of stuff from my family (clothes, puzzle, book), a lot from Tyler's mom (clothes, books, doll)  and she also got some presents from her great-grandparents and family friends as well! She is definitely loved.

Giving her baby doll a hug (and don't mind me...)

I admit I was a little disappointed Elanor was so upset (and for good reason) during her party. But, what can you do?!?! Sometimes everything does not turn out perfect. The cake tasted good and Elanor loved it, so I consider that a success.

We are so blessed to have Elanor in our lives. She brings a lot of joy and energy to our little family.

Oh, and we went to her one year appointment and she is tiny! Elanor's stats:

weight: 18 pounds 2 ounces-- 8%
height: 28.5 inches ---30%
head: 17.3---20%

I had no idea Elanor was so light! She looks petite, but not skinny or anything. She has rolls and eats a ton (she really does--she pretty much eats an adult portion)!

I cannot believe Christmas is coming so fast! Our Christmas post coming next!

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