Thursday, March 15, 2012

Faces: Elanor Update

Elanor turned 15 months on March 10th. She is growing up so fast and learning how to do so many new things! Elanor had her 15 month check-up today, so here are her stats:

weight: 20 pounds, 2 ounces--11th percentile
height: 30.5 inches--51st percentile (the first time in the 50th percentile for anything!)
head: 17.7 inches--24th percentile

Elanor makes the silliest faces (thus the title of this post). Here is a taste of a few of her most recent expressions:

This is her "oh, my goodness", surprised face:

Elanor loves this baby doll. It was my grandma's and I don't let her play with it too often since it is fragile, but I am pretty sure it is her favorite doll. She is such a good little "mommy" to it. She sits it on her little potty, carries it around and bounces, pats her on the back, etc. It's cute.

The heavy lifting face:

Whenever we say "smile" this is the face she does:

She commonly does this "smile" face to strangers, particularly at the grocery store and I always see people making the same face back.
The "I'm offended"/grumpy face:

There is also another grumpy face that is far more grumpy and quite a bit more nasty. I do not have a picture of it unfortunately.

New Things List (for those of you who are interested...):
Words: Daddy (rather than dada), ba (bath), buh (book), teddeee (teddy--as in her bear), baby, hi and bye (she already said those before, but says them more often), uh-oh, baa (what a sheep says), moo (cow says), oo-oo-ah-ah (monkey says--with the action:)), raahr (lion says), no-no-no (and shakes her finger), boo.

She repeats a lot more words, but does not use them yet in her everyday vocabulary.

Physical: RUN (hands out behind her and panting), climb on top of things (as in from the chair to the table--yes quite scary), turns circles and bounces to the beat (dances), she carries heavy objects (somewhat dramatically), she can tear her room to pieces, can climb stairs fast,  she can go down slides by herself (little ones), she can pick her nose....

Mental, etc.: She is starting to be able to put duplos (toddler legos) together, can flip through pages of a book well, puts away silverware (at least in the drawer-it is one of her favorite things to do), is really good at helping and loves doing it such as: putting laundry away, putting napkins on the table, wiping things with a rag, putting laundry in the washer and dryer, and bringing me things, can sign "more"--we did not even teach her this but she does it all the time, lets us know when she needs her diaper changed, blows on her food to cool it down, can use a fork and spoon (as long as the food is on it), can wash her chest with soap in the bath.

There are probably many more things she can do, but this is all I can think of.

Elanor is such a joy to be around. She is silly, has a sense of humor, is really quite dramatic about some things, and has such a fun personality. Oh, and she always crosses her legs when she sits down and sometimes throws her head back in laughter.


  1. I love her 'smile' face! Haha that is hilarious! She's so dang cute :) We'll be in Utah for the summer and we will have to get together!