Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Homemade Bow Tie

So, do you remember awhile back when I promised I would put a bow tie tutorial on here? Well, it is finally here! Tyler (my husband) made his first bow tie a little before Christmas and has since perfected it and even made a pattern. These are the legit sort of ties, where you have to tie them and all that. I must say, Tyler does look pretty handsome and spiffy in a tie. So if you or your husband want to be brave and make your own, here is a great tutorial from Tyler:

What You’ll Need:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Good Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Interfacing (or an old tie)
  • Ruler/ Measuring Tape
  • Knitting Needle (or other utensil to turn the tie right side out, pencils work fine)
  • Bow Tie Pattern
  • Iron

Step 1:

Print and cut out the bow tie pattern. Measure your neck circumference and add 5” to 5 ½” to it. (I make the thin neck part 20 ½” long.) Lay out the ironed fabric you will be using. Carefully cut two whole tie strips or four half tie strips. (See photo.) If you are using four half strips like I am, go ahead and sew the two ends to create two long halves.

Step 2:

Cut a roughly identical pattern out of the interfacing. If you are using an old tie, carefully remove the outer fabric and remove that tie lining. There will be two layers. Separate the layers and sew the mid point together so the wide end of the tie is at the wide ends of the bow tie. (See picture.) Cut out the bow tie pattern to match your outer layers. 

Step 3:

At this point you are ready to sew the tie together. Line up the two fabric pieces together with the side of the fabric you want showing on the inside. Lay the lining over the top. Some of you may want to use pins to keep the tie lined up, they always get in my way. Now begin sewing around the perimeter of the tie maintaining a straight stitch. The pattern has the stitch approximately ¼” from the edge of the fabric. I generally try to keep the edge of the fabric lined up even with the outside edge of the foot. Sew the whole tie except for about a 2” section in the middle of the neck. 

Step 4:

Using your knitting needle or pencil, carefully turn the tie right side out. Be sure to push the seams out so you have identical shapes. Closely inspect the edges to make sure nothing is loose or too close to the edge. If you notice an issue, turn the tie back inside out and re-sew the area problem. When you are happy with everything, sew the last section closed either by hand so you can hide the stitches or with the machine since it is going to be under a collar anyway. Iron your tie and put it on. When it comes to tying it, practice makes perfect.

If you need help tying it, check youtube for now. In the future, I may post one but there are several out there already. It really just takes some practice. Good luck and thanks for reading!- Tyler

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  1. Nice! I want to try this out soon. Thanks Tyler. --Cisco