Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

We had a pretty fun 4th of July! Our ward, puts on a really fun party. It started off with raising the flag, a short talk, and the local firefighters and their engines were there. Then, there was a 5k race, which we ran (Tyler pushed Elanor in the stroller). I did alright. I had not really run much beforehand, but I felt pretty good running and I really want to run on a more regular basis. After the run, there was a huge breakfast, a little kids parade and a waterfight. It was a fun morning. I forgot my camera for the morning stuff which was unfortunate. 

Later, we headed over to Sugarhouse Park with some friends of ours and looked at all the booths. It was soooo hot.
Elanor and Eli. They are pretty cute and love playing together. Elanor's little flag dress was made by my cousins, Susy and Julie. She looked pretty adorable in it....until we had to change her out of it. Yes, Elanor did go through four outfits on the 4th. Luckily, she has plenty of red, white and blue outfits.

Elanor and Tyler going down the blow-up slide at the park. Elanor was nervous the first time, but once she got the hang of it she did not want to leave.

Family picture, Elanor needs to learn what a smile actually is....

After the park, we headed to our friend's house for a bbq. We had some delicious food and good times!
Elanor and Eli both loved doing pop-its and sparklers. 

Popping pop-its 

My friend, Casey, and I 


 Smoke bombs

We had such a fun 4th of July. 

As a side note, I do rather like this country despite its many problems. It is a beautiful place. I am not really all super American-y, in that I do think there are many other wonderful countries that are just as great, have just as high a standard of living, if not higher, and I love traveling and experiencing other cultures. I am glad that I live here (though I would jump at a chance to live in Great Britain any day, or really almost any country). I think America is great, but I think a lot of Americans think America is the greatest. There are some wonderful things about it, but we are not the only "free" country. There are several out there. Sorry, it just irks me sometimes when people assume that America is the only place where people have rights. 

I do like it here though. Happy 4th!


  1. I chuckled when I read your caption about Elanor's smile! Who knows? Maybe we've been doing it wrong for centuries and Elanor's finally figured it out. ;) I suppose what really counts is what motivates the smile, no matter what it looks like.

    Fantastic pictures! I'm glad you all had a fun day, and I also appreciate your statement at the end. :) Very true.