Wednesday, July 25, 2012


...we have been having a lot of fun! My cousin, Sean, got home from his mission and he had his homecoming talk in church and party this past weekend. My parents and brothers came down, as did my Grandpa and Vonnie.  We had a fun weekend with lots of family and good food!

Elanor got just a bit spoiled by her grandparents. She got a new princess dress ( I need to take pictures of her in it), a new book about London, and the movie "Tangled". Elanor LOVES Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. It is probably her favorite movie, but Winnie the Pooh and Beauty and the Beast are up there as well. It is so cute to see Elanor start to really recognize everybody and remember names. She has for awhile, but she is getting better at saying everything. She calls my mom ,"Nan", my dad, "Pa",  Ian, "Eeee", and Erik, "Eri". It was a short weekend visit, but still a lot of fun!

I unfortunately only took pictures when we went to Liberty Park and watched Elanor play in the little creeks and pools there.

 My mom and  Ian with Elanor

Elanor loved splashing!

My brothers teaching Elanor how to splash other people (my grandpa sitting on the rock).

 In terms of fun things that I have not blogged about, we have also gone to the Tracy Aviary (two times now):

We also went to the Pioneer Day Parade (in Utah Pioneer Day is a holiday and Tyler got work off!):
Elanor with a Bagpipe band behind her

 Elanor got pretty excited about seeing the horses, see below:

She is saying "neigh".

There were some pretty neat floats:

Our favorite float was probably this Polynesian one, mostly because they put on a great show and had a ton of dancers following the float.

They even had Santa Claus in the parade, on summer break! hehee
Casey do you see yourself in this picture? We were right across the street from you the whole time and could not get your attention. hahaha

This parade is a pretty big deal here and it did not disappoint.

We are also soooooo excited for the Olympics! Opening Ceremonies are this Friday! Do you all love the Olympics as much as we do? Do you have anything special planned? We will probably be having some tasty British food and dessert to celebrate, since London is hosting the Games. I will let you all know how our little party goes! Happy Olympics!


  1. HAHAHHAHAAH, oh my gosh that is hilarious! I was like, "I think we were right across the street from her!!" And then I saw your note, that you saw us! hahahha, oh that is so funny. Too bad we didn't see you guys there! Great pictures by the way!

  2. Oh my goodness I love Elanor's swimming suit and hat! I want one for me!