Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

I have been the worst blogger ever lately. It is a combination of being busy, sick, and just not wanting to blog. I have been baking SO much and have not posted a single one of those recipes on here. I apologize.

Our little girl turned 2 on December 10th. She actually opened her presents on Sunday, the 9th, so we could Skype with family, since Tyler had a final and I had ballet on Monday night. Elanor had her two year doctor appointment on November 28th and weighed 24 lbs (18th percentile) and was 33 inches (39th percentile). She is still quite little. I think the doctor said she would be about 5'4"-5'5" as an adult--since you can double their height at two for an estimate.

On Sunday we opened these presents:
The big pile of presents on the couch was from Tyler's mom! We opened all the presents from my family over Thanksgiving weekend.

 Tyler and I have been working on this kitchen for a long time. We bought it back in August at a vintage store. It was just a hutch and needed a new coat of paint. We added in the sink and stove burners, replaced some knobs, fixed the drawer, and painted the whole thing. We love the way it turned out!
Elanor opened a ton of presents from her Mema and Papa--all having to do with this kitchen. She got a ton of IKEA food, pots and pans, etc. Elanor LOVES playing with her kitchen and making Tyler and I food. Thank you to everyone who got Elanor a gift for her birthday. We really appreciate it!!

On Elanor's actual birthday, we started off the morning by making some apple fritter rings. They are so good and probably not the healthiest thing on the planet.

Elanor thought they were pretty tasty as well!

It also snowed on Elanor's birthday and we played out in the snow a bit and also played with our neighbors.

Elanor got some birthday money so we headed down to City Creek Center to the Disney Store. I thought there would not be very many options to get something for $15 but there were plenty of choices.
Elanor saw a Belle we had to get that. She really does not need anymore least she has good taste. Belle was always my favorite---and no, I did not help here make that choice, I actually tried to dissuade her, so as to not get another doll, but her mind could not be changed.
In the car, with her new Belle doll.

After her nap, she headed over the her favorite babysitter's house while I went to teach dance. Tyler had a final but was able to pick her up right after and I asked someone to sub my last two classes and came home early so we could go out to dessert. We went to this French bakery called Gormandise. Elanor picked out her dessert all by herself. It was right at the kid eye level, plus she had just been to the Nutcracker, so she wanted this little mouse:
It is some sort of cookie/cake with jam and then chocolate mousse type stuff piped on top to make the mouse body and then covered in chocolate. Tyler ordered a fruit tart and I got a slice of chocolate mousse cake. It was all delicious. 

We had her birthday party the following Saturday. It was princess themed--but not overly so and not Disney princesses either. I am a bit bummed because I did not get many pictures because I was so busy. The first half hour was just the little kids and we did a little pin the crown on the princess game and a Rapunzel puppet show. The kids seemed to like the puppet show, but I think Tyler and I should have practiced.

Tyler drew this princess from a book called Princess in the Forest. We did not blindfold the kids since we were not sure how 2 year olds would do with blindfolds on. They seemed to enjoy putting the crown on.
I am sort of proud of the cake I made. It was a pumpkin cake with butterscotch filling and brown sugar frosting. Making things taste good is not too hard for me, but I wanted to make a cool cake this time. I made my own marshmallow fondant and tried my best  to make a crown. It might have been better if Tyler had helped me, but I wanted to try to do it on my own. I think it turned out pretty well, for my first time:

Well, that was probably more pictures of the cake than anyone but myself wanted to see (I actually had two more originally on here, but thought that was a bit much).
Getting ready to blow out her candles!

 She blew them both out by herself and loved it when everyone sang "Happy Birthday". I am very sad that I did not get a picture of all the little kids in the their costumes.... They were all so cute!

She is not really smiling in any of these pictures, but I promise she is a happy little girl. She talks soooo much and non stop. She loves to sing and dance and does so very dramatically. She can throw her fair share of tantrums and is quite independent, but she is also the most loving little thing. She gives hugs and kisses to us all the time and is always trying to give other little kids and babies hugs and kisses as well, which are not always wanted. She is such a fun little girl and we are so very blessed to be her parents.


  1. That kitchen is adorable!! Way to go guys!

  2. Elizabeth, that cake is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo sad we missed the party!!! :-( And great job on that kitchen. Awesome!

  3. Your kitchen is so adorable. I want to do the samething for my neice. I love the picture of her in the peach coat. She is so beautiful!

  4. Awww, happy birthday to your little princess, she's so cute, that kitchen is adorable, every little girls dream, I feel the same about blogging, I've been totally slacking, I'm blaming it on my cross country move and being awestruck by the beauty here in Utah.

  5. Sweet girl! I'm glad she had a jolly time! And I agree with her (and your) taste in Disney princesses, though I suspect that's the reader in each of us. :)

    Also, I adore the kitchen! Family heirloom in the making, as that's the sort of thing that should never be given up! Now, she can practice making cakes and someday make birthday cakes as good-tasting and pretty as her mother's. :)

    P.S. Thank you for the thank you card! (Haha!) It's darling.

  6. Wow, great job on that kitchen! Elanor sure is getting big, holy cow.