Thursday, January 3, 2013


We have been having a lovely time in Oregon with family. Elanor and I will be staying here longer than originally planned. My mom is directing the play Romeo and Juliet and I really want to see it, plus I choreographed a dance for it and my little brother is playing Romeo (his first leading role, and also first serious role). Oh, and my dear sister, who could not be with us for Christmas, is flying in to see it and we really want to see Jess. The show is January 11-12 and then the following weekend. So, Elanor and I are staying here until the 12th and Tyler is flying back to Utah to work and then will fly back to Oregon to see the play and then we will all drive back to Utah. It was sort of a genius plan, enabling us all to see the play, Tyler does not have to miss more work, and we only have to pay for two flights and no one has to drive for 11 hours by themselves. Yes, yes, and yes. Did anyone really need me to type all of that?  Probably not, but I just spent the last 15 minutes on it, so it is staying.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Tyler and I were so excited for Christmas this year because Elanor understood a lot of what was happening. I was so excited to see her happy little face on Christmas morning that I could hardly sleep! Christmas is so fun when children are involved!

 We had Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with Tyler's family, as usual. I do not have any of my Christmas Eve pictures because I got a new camera and Tyler accidentally took the SIM card home with him, so I only have the pictures I have taken since I opened my new camera. I never take as many pictures as I would like to on Christmas morning, mostly because I am busy enjoying Christmas.

I do have a few videos from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning for anyone who cares:
Elanor dancing to the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve--it is a tradition!

Waiting to go downstairs to see what Santa brought her.

Santa's gifts

Here are some pictures from Christmas Day:

{At my parents house early Christmas morning}

 Elanor in her Christmas pjs.

{At Tyler's mom's house--Christmas Day}
A rainy Christmas
 Elanor with her Rapunzel doll (from Santa).
 Blurry, but cute.
 Elanor helping her Mema open presents.

A panorama, just for fun of the Christmas morning mess.
 Tyler with his brother, Trevor, opening presents.
Elanor coloring with her cousin, Casen.
We walked over to the "Christmas House" on Christmas night, which is just across the street from Tyler's mom's house. They have quite an elaborate display and you can walk or drive through it all.

We had a really wonderful Christmas. It was so lovely to be with our families. We are so grateful for all of our blessings and for this time of the year which reminds us of our Savior and everything he as done for us all.

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