Friday, May 17, 2013


We always sing Elanor a few lullabies before bed and have done so since she was born. She loves singing and getting sung to and knows all of the songs we sing her by heart. She often sings along with us and it is quite precious.

We started off with singing "MLK" by U2 and have expanded upon that to include many songs. 

"MLK" by U2. Bono has the most beautiful voice.

"Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles (just the beginning of the clip)

"Hey Jude" also by The Beatles. Elanor has been really into this one lately since we now know a baby named Jude.

"Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. Elanor knows all the words to the chorus for this one and almost all of the second verse for some reason. She loves saying "from Stockbridge to Boston".

"Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins. Elanor loves all of the songs from Mary Poppins.

We sometimes sing "I Am a Child of God", "Feed the Birds" (also from Mary Poppins), the classic, "Rock-a-Bye Baby", and "All My Loving" (The Beatles), but the above ones we sing the most often.

I love singing to Elanor. My voice is nothing special but she loves it when I (or Tyler) sing to her. It is quite lovely to softly sing to your little one in the dark.
Do you sing lullabies? If so, what do you sing?

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  1. Well, we taught you well as your lullaby repertoire sounds awfully familiar to the songs we sang to you, with the only one left out being, "Winnie the Pooh". You loved that one. :)