Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All Hallows Eve (and a little morning)

Elanor and I started off the day with these pumpkin pancakes 
and the Pandora Halloween station. We had fun dancing to "Thriller", "Monster Mash", "Ghostbusters", etc. 

We were still feeling a little lazy and sluggish from being sick earlier, so we did not do much during the day. When, Tyler got home from class, we carved our pumpkins.
We did not have a ton of time, so they were not super cool like previous years pumpkins. Elanor did not want to carve her pumpkin this year for some reason. She seemed to think it would hurt the pumpkin. So she painted hers and throughly enjoyed it.

After pumpkin carving, we ate dinner and then headed over to my aunt's house so Elanor could trick-or-treat there and show everyone her costume. We then headed back to our neighborhood and got back a little late to find that our trick-or-treating group had already started. However, some other friends also came over and trick-or-treated with us.
The Christiansen's (Peter was a dwarf from "The Hobbit" and their little boy was Han Solo)
Elanor loved trick-or-treating! She had fun running from house to house and saying "trick-or-treat". Running, not walking mind you. 

We did finally catch up with the rest of our friends:
Eli and Elanor. Elanor loves him so much.

Jude, Elanor and Eli. 
Jude. Isn't he adorable?
We had a fun Halloween and Elanor is already talking about what she is going to be next year.

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  1. I am so sorry about Halloween. Ugh. I don't know why everyone was in such a darn hurry!