Monday, November 25, 2013

The Weekly Photo

I love this photo. I am so glad she decided to smile so nicely!
However, last week was a bit more like this photo:

We have both been missing Tyler a lot. He has a crazy schedule (full-time school for his surgical tech license, every week day 8-12, though he often stays until 11pm or later working in the lab, doing homework, etc.--and it is a 30 min. drive. He also works three nights a week doing 12 hour shifts at Myriad Genetics). The poor guy is getting hardly any sleep, works and does homework so much and is just worn out. It is starting to take a toll on Elanor as well. She misses him a lot and has been a bit more whiney lately (last week was a hard week). We are so looking forward to Christmas, because Tyler has a break from school for almost a month!!! He is done December 12th!

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  1. Oh, HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for Tyler's break to start so that you guys can see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!