Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Weekly Photo

Sorry, I was so late getting this out! I have had a busy couple of days. 

I also do not have any really "good" photos from last week. I have some funny ones, cute--but blurry ones, etc. I really wanted to get a good Valentine's Day picture, and I tried, but failed.
This little miss is looking so proper and fancy in her lace dress on Valentine's Day.

 It was a good day though. Tyler could not be there all day or night (poor guy), but still took the time to get Elanor and I each a bouquet and little treat, plus he made chocolate covered strawberries. We played with friends, had a tea party and spent some quality time with my favorite little girl. We did not see Tyler much on Saturday either, but I made a fancy Valentine's dinner and dessert for him before he went to work that night. On Sunday night, work was canceled and he did not have work/clincals on Monday, so we took full advantage of his day off and took Elanor skiing and then we went on a date that night. It was wonderful to actually see the guy. I miss him, but I know he is working hard and would really rather be home. Valentine's extended the whole weekend and into Monday, which was rather nice.

Skiing on Monday, more pictures and videos later this week!

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