Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Dress

I made Elanor an Easter dress! Let me say that again, I made Elanor an Easter dress!! I am surprising myself just as much as most of family members are surprised by my new found sewing abilities (they really aren't much). I have mentioned several times on here, just how bad of a seamstress I used to be. My Young Women's leaders can attest to this! I was so bad at sewing and understanding what I was supposed to do, they would often have to sew a lot of my project for me. Oh, and cutting straight lines. Yeah, I am pretty much the worst cutter in the world (that might not be entirely true).

I have sewn Elanor a few little shift type dresses, a skirt (so easy!) and her halloween costume, but this was the first time I gathered a skirt and attached it to a bodice. It was quite easy actually. This was also the first time I made a peter pan collar, and it went pretty well, but next time I will do it much better. My next dress I do want to try sleeves out, but for some reason I have been a bit nervous to try.

I also made a little bow for her hair.

Also, this whole dress did not cost me anything to make! My friend, Becky, gave me some fabric that her Grandma has given her. So, this was a cheap project for me!

I also took way too many pictures of Elanor in her dress (I knew I would not get much of a chance to on Sunday morning), so enjoy if you have not seen Elanor in awhile!


This picture cracks me up!
She also really loves her dress, which make me happy!

Since it is Easter this week, we have been reading about Jesus' life and watching the corresponding Bible videos . It has been wonderful and great prep for this weekend. If you feel the need to get into the Easter spirit, then watch this beautiful little video. It will do your heart and soul good.

Happy Easter!

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