Monday, April 7, 2014

The Weekly Photo + a video

I did not take any pictures last week! The weather was rather miserable and cold, we did not do much and the one day I wanted  my camera, I forgot it! So, I took a picture today, for my Weekly Photo, which does not really count. Oh, well. I did make some videos though, so I am putting one of those up!
Elanor picking flowers this morning.
Elanor loves being read to and loves looking at books on her own as well--as most everyone who reads this blog already knows. She has memorized several books, especially ones that are her favorites and we read often. I decided to finally get a video of her "reading" and it is so cute. She is "reading" Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin. It is a beautiful bedtime book and I highly recommend it.

Also, it was General Conference this past weekend! Every year, I find myself getting more excited for it. I love General Conference and learning about the Gospel and how to be a better person. If you missed it, need a recap, or have never heard of General Conference, check out the talks here.

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  1. She is SO darling reading that book. What a smarty-pants!