Saturday, November 1, 2014


We had a really fun Halloween this year. In fact, Elanor declared that it was the best Halloween ever. We had themed costumes this year, we (Becky and I) had an awesome homemade doughnut and cider stand in our front yard and we had a lot of good friends around.

Our little Alice.
I made this costume and it was the first time I put a zipper in!

I was the White Rabbit and Tyler was the Mad Hatter. I made or put together all of our costume pieces. I even made Tyler's hat!

I did not get any great pictures of our doughnut stand, and this is just taken with my phone.
This is also with my phone, but here we have a dinosaur, Robin, Batman, Alice, a fireman, and a little piggy! 
Here are our pumpkins this year! I did the owl and Tyler's is Batman and he also did Piglet for Elanor.
 I hope everyone had a fun and happy Halloween!

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