Thursday, November 20, 2014

We're Having….

...a girl!

We had the ultrasound on Tuesday and it was a lot of fun because an ultrasound tech was teaching an intern, so we we able to have a super long ultrasound. It was wonderful to see our baby girl move around, cross her legs, touch her face, stretch out, etc. It was also very relieving to see that she was healthy and everything was normal. 

Cute little profile!

She is definitely a girl! Tyler knew even before I did and before the tech said anything, when they passed over this area before checking gender.

Crossed legs.

If you feel like watching 6 minutes of the ultrasound, here it is:

We did not have any preference on gender, but are very happy to be having a girl. It certainly makes it easier, since we already have girl stuff! Elanor is very excited to have a little sister and she will be such a great big sister. I love having a sister and my sister and I are really close (I wish she lived right next to me!), so I really hope Elanor and this new little girl have that as well.

Here I am at 18 1/2 weeks. 

Everyone keeps telling me that I look huge and must be carrying twins, but my doctor assured me that I am normal, and any second or subsequent pregnancies are usually bigger at first, but the same over the whole course of pregnancy. Plus, I have only gained 8 pounds and they want me to have gained 10 by 20 weeks, so I am right on track. Also, the baby is exactly right on for size, so not big or small, just right.

I keep meaning to write more pregnancy posts, so that I keep better track of this pregnancy than I did the first. So hopefully, I can write more of these!

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